Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mustache Monday - All in the Family

I have been asked 
(on more than one occasion):

What's with the mustaches,  you ask?

Well, it's simple.

Like John Marcum's silver dollars
mustaches are my 
calling cards.

But let's just get one thing straight:

The mustache ain't for everyone, folks.

It's a symbol of my appreciation.
It means that I think you're pretty neat.

It's a symbol of our friendship. 
 It means that you're counted among the people I call friends.

It's a symbol that you're worthy.
It means that I have chosen you as someone who is COOL enough to understand 
the awesomeness of the 'stache.

Basically, it means I like you.

Just like I like my sister Katie
Especially on her birthday.
[That's my sister on the left with her friend Catherine on the right]

And just like I like Megan
who chose some of her own friends to share the  
[[awesomeness of the 'stache]]
with on her birthday.
[There's Megan on the left with her worthy friends on the right]

That's right, people.  Not everyone is worthy of the 'stache.  But if I have deemed you cool enough, fun enough, and just downright awesome enough to sport the mustache, then you too might find yourself with a random mustache or two in your next batch of cupcakes.

The 'stache has spoken.


  1. Stopping by from SITS!

    Thank you for explaining. I totally know some bloggy friends who have a (slight) obsession with the stache and I must admit that I've never understood. Now, however, I have such an *admiration* for the stache. How lucky one must be to have a stache! :)

  2. So glad you filled me in on this. I've been wondering about the gloriousness that is the stache. Your sis is just as adorable as you. Hope your done being sicky cause that's just never fun.

  3. I do think that there was a reason that we were paired up for the Valentines Day exchange....
    1. This is my salt and pepper shaker

    2.This is my kitten with Mick's finger.

    3.After he proposed, I told him I would get a commitment stache...and so, I dont have a photo of it yet, but 2.5 weeks ago, I also got one on my finger. So our mustaches are permanent!