Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Valentine's Day Blind Date


Aside from munching on See's chocolates and snuggling with my honey, THIS is what I'm doing for Valentine's Day.

Yep, a Valentine's Day Gift Exchange!  
Thanks to Holly Noelle (the Domestic Dork)'s  amazing matching abilities, I got paired with Lauren of The Little Goat.  Lauren's this spunky, fun, eclectic blogger from NorCal who's got all sorts of fun stuff going on on her blog.

For example:

♥  She just got engaged...
  She has an Etsy shop...
  Every now and then, if you're lucky, you'll get to read a post by her fiance, Mick

Since I had only just met Lauren and didn't know much about her, I set out to reading some of her posts to get a better idea about who she is.

First, I found this post that she wrote about her new-found love of houndstooth.

"Hmm..." I thought, "That hat up there has a little heart on it... Would that make a good Valentine's Day gift...?"

It just wasn't quite right.

So I read on.

And I checked out her store.

And I saw this. 

"QUE????" I asked myself, before quickly reminding myself that I don't speak Spanish.

She likes mustaches??  This is awesome!  This is great!  I like her already!!
But then I couldn't find anything with mustaches on it that seemed appropriate for Valentine's Day.


I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn't supposed to be just a regular shmegular present.


So I went back to her blog.  And I read further.  And then...

...then, my friends...

I found this (on this post here):

Isn't it GLORIOUS!?  
Oh it's so fantastic I can't help myself -- I want it for ME!  

But sadly thankfully I had someone else to buy it for.  So I did.  I bought it for her.

And I hope she likes it.

And I think she will.

And I think you should go check her out, because, well, she's pretty neat.

She might even be worthy of a mustache ;)

No promises, though!


  1. I will go check her out for sure. She sounds like she's mustache worthy,lol.

  2. Ok all that stuff is soo cute! And thanks for the recipe! I think I may just have to try it out tomorrow...you know a taste test/more for me!...That is if I can drag myself away from the computer. You wouldn't happen to have the cream cheese frosting recipe would you? since I'm sure yours is better than I can find online

  3. I really want to do an exchange with some bloggers but always seem to find them AFTER they happen! boo:( be sure to share what you get, i'd love to see:)

  4. Popped over from SITS: I am in love with that apron. It has Anthropoligie written all over it. My love store. Have a great Wednesday!

  5. That apron is adorable.. lol on teh one with the mustache

  6. oh it just makes me want pie...

  7. Cute blog! Stopping by from SITS!

  8. Thinking of you today! Have a great 1st day :)

  9. What a great gift, I know she will love it!

  10. Cute blog - funny stuff! Popped over from SITS - stop by sometime!

  11. Umm....is it just me or are you kinda ruining the whole surprise gift idea?? Do this lovely blogger write but not read? Perhaps I am not well versed on the rules of these-here exchange thing-a-ma-jiggy's, I assumed the regular rules of gift giving would apply - no??

    Anyhoo......hope you are baking your little heart out at the new J.O.B. right now. Thinking of you.

  12. I love that apron so I know she will love it too! If not then she’s just crazy, and I’ll gladly take it off her hands-haha.

    Well, I hope your first day of baking and decorating has been spectacular! I’m so happy you have found the perfect job for you, let us know how it went! :)

  13. I picked it up from the Post Office the same day that this blog posted...so no surprise ruined! I love it. Its perfect. and I will bake in it and make the cupcake master proud. I hope im worthy of a mustache!

    And for all you who want to know..the mustache bib is still for sale!

  14. Good for you, for resisting keeping the apron for yourself! :)

    Thanks so much for participating! I hope you had fun!