Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Like Christmas in December!

Many of you are preparing for Christmas.

And for many of you, Christmas is coming up quickly. Say... December 25th?

But for me, Christmas came early. In fact, Christmas came today. 

Today I got to open up not one but TWO whole presents mailed to me by some amazing people:

Erica from Dollface Delights
Rhiannon from Pink Sugar Desserts

Jeanette from Sweet Jeanette

While I'd like to say that they just randomly decided to send me some fun and spectacular gifts, they actually all had very good reasons for sending them.  Erica and Rhi hosted the First Ever Chic Cupcake Challenge which --get ready for this-- I WON!!   
My very first contest win!

Check out my sneak attack tactics on that crazy box!

Next, Jeanette hosted a giveaway to celebrate an awesome achievement: She reached 100 followers!! You wouldn't believe my surprise after entering the giveaway when I got a comment from her announcing that I was one of the winners.  What better way to follow up my first contest win than with my first giveaway win?? WOOHOO!

I can't believe what a lucky girl I am!  The cupcake goodies from winning the contest will be so fun to have especially around the holidays when all I wanna do is bake bake bake until my daddy takes my T-bird away.  I can't wait to invite people over to check out our new place while wearing my fun new hostess apron! 

The Christmas throw and tote from the giveaway are just in time, too!  With the hubbs and my first Christmas together coming up I've been looking for all sorts of decorations for our new apartment (which we just moved all our stuff into yesterday, thankyouverymuch!)  How cute will that throw look on our couch??  Plus that bag will be perfect for helping me out with my Christmas shopping!

Thanks to all you three ladies for being so sweet and generous!!


  1. That apron looks great and I hope you have lots of fun wearing it!

  2. I'm so glad you liked your Quilt and tote! and glad it arrived safely and in time to decorate! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad it went to a good home!


    oh and don't forget about the "christmas goodies recipe exchange" link up on the 15th!

    Christmas Goodies Recipe Exchange

  3. awe :) Yay!! You got your gifts. Erica def out did me in the gifts department though haha I will have to kick her butt lata haha glad you have gotten a little Christmas early this year!!! xo

  4. Viewing your blog is delightfully hazardeous to my health.

    I get cupcakes on the brain.

    Congratulations on your win! How fun.