Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hey, YOU! Pssst! Lookin' for a Sexy Cupcake?

Do you know what time it is?

It's time for ~*SEXY CUPCAKE SATURDAY*~!!

My friend Amber over at The Daily Tribal has declared all Saturdays to be Sexy Cupcake Saturdays to celebrate her longtime ♥love affair♥ with these little personal cakes -- and who can blame her??

Today she's chosen to feature one of my very own cupcakes as her Sexy Cupcake.  What an honor!

Go check out her post and my sexy cupcake!  Give her some looooove! 


  1. Sexy cupcakes...I love it. And that's one sexy cupcake.

  2. Hot Mamma! I could eat that cupcake right now. But then there's never been a cupcake I could pass up. I guess I am just a cupcake slut. ;)

  3. Um, yes. Yes I am looking for a sexy cupcake.

    And not good. Because cupcakes make me crazy. But I love them.

    I am so conflicted.

    And now I want one REAL bad.


  4. Holy Sexy Cupcake Batman! You know how in love with your one-man-cake-bands.