Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Steal My Cupcakes!

A week or so ago I found this picture of my fun and quirky friend Lauren on her Facebook page. Initially, I thought it was just a fun picture. She's always doing silly, cheesy stuff (like making a dinosaur costume out of duct tape, toilet paper, and cardboard) and so I didn't really think much of this picture other than, "Haha, how funny!"

Then today I went back and looked again and wondered: Why is this lil' bunn so panicky? Who or what is he running from? Most importantly, ARE THOSE CUPCAKES IN HIS BOX??

Our friend Megan found the answers for us!

  • Q: Why is this lil' bunn so panicky?
  • A: He's so panicky because, well, HE'S BEING CHASED BY A SWARM OF BEEEEEES!!

  • Q: Who or what is he running from?
  • A: See above answer.

  • A: YES!!!

Here's the full mural:

And the story behind it: Apparently Scribe, a graffiti artist from Kansas City, came to San Diego for Comic Con this year and got the chance to create some art on the side of the ARTS and CRAFTSMAN Art Store off the 5 downtown. If you're ever in San Diego, come by and check it out!

Art is located at: 1911 San Diego Ave.San Diego, CA 92110

Full Story and Video Here.



  1. That is a GREAT mural. How do I get one on my house? Hee hee...

  2. Scribe is awesome - I love his work! And yes they are cupcakes in that box - how cool!

  3. Well that is just too cute..poor wittle bunny wabbit..

  4. Love it! We have family in San Diego, so we'll have to stop by and snap a pic next time we're down there!