Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ADULT VOICE. small voice.

I'm going to use this blog for more personal posts and save Miss Dot's Cupcake Spot for cupcake-related activities.  Keep following both, but I'll be posting on this one more frequently!

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And now, for my latest...

I talk to small things in my small voice. 

Adults get the big voice but babies (and/or itty bitty things) of any sort (animal, human, sometimes bags of flour...) and usually just about anything furry gets the small voice.  Now, when I use the term “small voice,” I do not mean baby talk.  That’s completely different.  Baby talk usually involves me making weird faces and making up words.  Small voice typically means I’m raising my voice to this really high-pitched (read: helium-induced) squealy noise sound and probably reaching my hands out in a “gimme gimme gimme [the baby thing]” kind of way.  This is fun for me, disorienting and possibly semi-terrifying to whatever baby thing I’m attacking approaching, and something my husband can no longer hear as he has set his ears to ignore that particular frequency.

Let me see if I can give you some examples.  Play along and see if you can figure out what would get the small voice and what wouldn't:

Let's start off easy.  Small voice or no?

If you said "small voice," then you were correct.  Now, moving on...

Small voice?

Negative!!  No, Margaret Thatcher does not receive small voice treatment.  If you said, "no," then you're starting to get the hang of things.

Now for a tricky one.  I'm going to toss you one that may seem like it should get the small voice (hey, it's small, looks like a baby...) but see what you do with this one:

WARNING!  WARNING!!  This is NOT small voice material!  This is a poor little baby with Rowan Atkinson's head on it!  THIS IS NOT CUTE!!  No small voice here.  Sorry I had to subject you to that but I wanted to make you you were paying attention.  Moving along...

A-HA!  Here's a double whammy.  It's a puppy (all dogs are puppies, all cats are kitties.  Let's just get that straight between you and I now, OK?) that's wearing a Hello Kitty hat helmet beret head thing!  Totally cute.  Perhaps not by ECA's standards (Animals are not meant to wear things, he says.  Animals look ridiculously hilarious in clothes, I say) but still, there would definitely be some major small voiceage going on if I were near this dog puppy.

I'm pretty sure you've got the whole "small voice/no small voice" thing down by now.  The next part of this lesson is to help you realize that a lot of things have small voice potential but they just require a cute furry/baby thing to bring it out in them.  For example, here is a bike:

For all intents and purposes, this is a normal bike.  Nothing cute about it.  Nothing ugly about it.  Just... a bike.  Now watch...

DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!  DID YOU SEE THAT CUTENESS??  Holy monkey bottoms that's just adorable I think I'm even typing in small voice right now.  OMIGOSH I hate to sound like one of thoooooose people but, well, I am.  What did we learn just then?

Bicycle = meh

Bicycle + kitty = FREAKING CUTE-TASTIC!   

Kinda shaky on that?  OK, here's one more.  Watch carefully this time:

That's a burrito, right?  Nothing cute about that.  Maybe it makes you hungry, maybe it gives you indigestion, but it most certainly doesn't make you suddenly lose all ability to modulate your voice and instead begin babbling on at rapid, high-pitched speeds like an over-caffeinated My Little Pony.

OK, now check THIS out:

Whaaaaaat?  It's a kitty burrito!!  Cute cute cute... no munching, please!

OK, well, I'm on cute semi-overload here so I'm going to sit back and relax for a while and let my voice come back down to normal.  Hopefully you've learned something here, and hopefully it wasn't something along the lines of "This girl is insane," unless it was immediately followed by, "...just like me!!"

Before I totally sign off, though, here's an update from a previous post (on Miss Dot's Cupcake Spot):

We sent off our Christmas Boxes!!  ECA and I each made our own box to send to a kid in need for this Christmas.  Check out the fun stuff that we put together!

Hubby's box (for a boy 2-4):

My box (for a girl 5-9):

We went to Target and found a bunch of great stuff there.  Even though Mr. Dot and I are on a pretty tight budget this year we were still able to get some fun toys, personal items, and school/art supplies for some kids who might not be getting much for Christmas.  We had a fun time putting them together and when it came time to wrap and label our boxes we used the special tracking label that will allow us to track where our packages ended up.  We also included Christmas cards in each of our packages with a special Christmas message of love and we put our address in, too, in case they want to write back :)

Have a looooooverly day, m'dears!   

P.S. -- Does anyone else find themselves having spacing issues on their blog? (i.e., issues properly spacing between text/pictures) I feel like I've started having issues recently (perhaps since the last blogger update?) and it's really, really annoying me :-P


  1. I am the queen of spacing issues. If you find the fix, do post it please.

    On the birth of your new blog....YIPPEE! I love new!

  2. Im so excited for the new blog!! Congrats!

  3. Congrats on the new blog hun. Yep with the spacing issues . i can never seem to get it to space right and it automatically being to center the whole post following the insertion of a pic.. and if I use HTML for graphic I have to space on teh HTML side then go back to compose to be able to get it right there.. Annoy!!! but I have the cutsie small voice too , even men do it lol. they just don't like to admit it

  4. Love the new blog. Apparently we will be visiting often today because my son is in love with the kitty burrito.

  5. Congrats on your new blog.

    First, that Rowan Atkinson baby looks so creepy.

    My boys and myself we do the Christmas boxes every year. It is so much fun. They do one for a boy in their age group and I do one for a little girl.

  6. Hello over here lil Miss Cupcake! Cute place. I do note issues with the whole spacing issue on my space also. That's why I never change anything!

  7. Hi Dot! Of course I'll follow you here... I'll follow you there.... I 'll follow you anywhere (ok, been watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas! )

    thanks for putting my button for the Freezer Food Fridays on this blog!


  8. Congrats on the new blog :)

    It is really lovely of you to put together those presents - such a nice idea.

  9. Looking at your picutures I can see you are kinda a nut, but that's fine by me! I'll be visitin here to see what you have going on too. :)

  10. psst. Have you ever made it over to my personal blog?