Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mustache Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY and WELCOME to a second installment of Mustache Mondays. I know you've been waiting all week (well, since last Monday) for another edition of Mustache Monday **so** without further ado, may I introduce you to this Monday's Mustache:

Adams and Eves 

Meet Adam Powell, lead singer of local band Adams and Eves.  Please note his incredibly awesome microphone that comes complete with, yes, you guessed it, a wonderful, bushy, curly mustache :) If I could only choose one word to describe Adam and his glorious mustache, it would be fantastico.  Their music is pretty fantastico too, though.  Just from this picture you can see the awesome variety of instruments: Adam on electric guitar, his wife Chelsea on bass, his sister Laura on accordion, Megan in the back on the xylophone and Megan's husband David on drums.  Their music just has a great eclectic sound that I can't even describe so I won't bother trying.  Instead, check out their sound HERE!

Until next time mustache aficionados


  1. way too funny! I can't believe the mic has that big mustache attached to it..
    I bet it's fun to see him perform in person

  2. I love the variety! *played the xylophone in HS* Bookmarked this to get back and check out the band's sound later!

  3. OMG! I totally have a mustache! When will I be your featured Mustache Monday person?! Think about it, and let me know.

    So, you know how I love cupcakes, right? And, you've probably also noticed that I think you're kinda awesome, too. So, don't be surprised if you happen to stop by Casa de Dummies today and see a little something about how so NOT dumb you are.

    And, I may be interested in having you write an acceptance speech (guest post) in future, if you're interested in something like that? I'll totally agree to the mustache thing if you do:)

  4. Hey they are really good. That is the kind of stuff I like, Ok let me be honest I am rather eclectic in my music tastes so I am all over the board ( except screamo lol cannot stand that stuff) but I like their band they are really good...

  5. That is funny. I didn't even notice the mustache on the mike till you mentioned it,lol

  6. i hope some day
    the adams and eves
    can point their car north
    with the sea on the left
    and tour from A 2 B
    with a stop of coure
    in the BLC
    Reno, that is.
    mapquest knows the way.

  7. Stopping by from SITS...
    Happy Mustache Monday! I LOVE it!

  8. J'adore Mustache Mondays! Sounds like a great band. Can't wait to give 'em a listen! I was hoping to get you a picture of my little "wonkateers" with their chocolate mustaches, but couldn't get the mom's approval. Oh well!

  9. I saw you at PBD so I thought I'd come over. The mustache is on the mike, right? Otherwise, he's seriously off kilter!

  10. Now at TAG we need a picture of a person in an apron wearing a mustache!!! ;P

  11. So funnyingly (new word?) fantastico. Another blogger friend and her husband had spent a day with mustaches such as the one attached to your mic and it made for great bloggy material :)

    I keep telling her to convince the hubby to make that a weekly occurrence.

    You were above me in SITS today :)

  12. You'll love the new little owl...happy Thanksgiving!