Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet the Glorious Hilda!

Meet Hilda, artist Duane Bryer's beautifully buxom pinup creation. I first saw her in this post on Penniwig's Dearies and Elf-Friends and, my friends, it was love at first sight. How wonderful is she? Her bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and delightfully plump posterior are truly a sight to behold. She looks as though she'd enjoy sitting and reading a book whilst eating bon-bons or else maybe frolicking through a field picking flowers for some many lucky enough to catch her fancy. She also has a curious spark in her eyes, though, like she's dying to get into some mischief. Isn't she fun? I wish I could meet her. I think perhaps we all have a little Hilda in us :)


  1. She is the epitome of what womanhood should be. Beauty does not have to come in itsy bitsy packages...It comes in all sizes..

  2. I love her! I must go and check her out some more. How wonderful....I love that "real art" thing.

  3. *Love* Hilda, she's awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm totally following you now. I LOVE cupcakes (like you couldn't tell, right? lol)!!

    I'm also accepting pictures from other bloggers of cupcakes they think are sexy for my Sexy Saturday Cupcake. If you ever want to send me a picture to feature please do so! I will link to your blog in my post so you get credit for it :).

  4. I just adore pinup art - they're what real, sexy women look like!

    On another note, thanks for stopping by my blog! I've spent the last 15 minutes reading through yours, and now I'm starving! :)

  5. Love it - exactly what a woman should look like :)