Thursday, November 19, 2009


Have you heard the word?  No, no, no, not THAT word.  The word that Disney is giving away free tickets to their theme parks in return for you volunteering a day of service?  Yes, ladies, you read correctly: FREE TICKETS!!

As if you needed any more motivation than the knowledge that your actions are helping someone else, check out this awesome promotion being put in place by Disney:  Give a Day, Get a Disney Day.

Here's the rundown:
Beginning January 1, 2010, when you sign up on that site to volunteer a day of service with a participating organization (and your service is completed and verified),  you’ll get ONE DAY'S ADMISSION to a Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme park FOR FREE!!

Their goal is to inspire one million people to volunteer a day of service.  That means that by volunteering a day of your time, you too can take pictures like these:

 I'll bet you can hardly wait.

The steps are simple:
  1. Search and Sign Up – Beginning January 1, 2010, go to the site above and search and sign up for a volunteer opportunity from a participating organization.
  2. Volunteer – Complete your service for the volunteer opportunity you selected.
  3. Celebrate – Once your service is verified, receive a voucher to redeem your Disney theme park ticket.
How crazy awesome is that??  Well, what are you waiting for?  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! 


  1. what an awesome incentive! Disneyland is the greatest =)

  2. That would be so cool and I think the promotion idea is wonderful.. now if we could just convince those same people to volunteer not cause they are getting something out of it like this but simply because their participation actually makes them FEEL good and that is enough...

  3. Yes, I saw the commercials with Miss Piggy promoting it. What a great idea.

    Too bad I am in Canada and Disney is too far from us.

  4. oops! That's TWENTY piecrusts for the freezer..not 12!!! LOL

  5. ohwow! I must live under a rock! I hadn't heard. Being only about 1 1/2 hours away from Disneyworld, this would be really neat! I'll have to link back to you closer to the date and tell my bloggy world about it!!! Thanks for the heads-up!

    psst. don't forget Freezer Foods Friday on my blog - today is 12 pie crusts for the freezer, and link ups!

  6. We are going to Disney on 2 weeks, I wish I had known about this before we!
    Anyway, your site is super cute! Love it!

  7. That is pretty crazy awesome. I wish that it wouldn't cost us sooooo much to get to Disney because otherwise, I would totally do it.

  8. I heard about this and think it's wonderful! I can't participate considering I live overseas but still think it's fantastic to try and inspire so many people! Like singedwingangel was saying, hopefully it will also inspire those who participate (and even those who don't) to continue volunteering when there isn't an incentive! Go Disney!

  9. Thanks for sharing the information on this great opportunity! I'm definitely going to check it out!

    P.S. Adams and Eves in the background ~ loving them!

  10. I am so happy you found me on SITS! And I'm happy I now found you as well--because I <3 cupcakes! hehe
    And please stay tuned to upcoming posts of mine! I will be posting what I packed in my makeup bag for a children's princess themed birthday party pretty soon!
    ...I am following you now! Hope you want to do the same! =)


  11. I am so glad that I stopped by, visiting from SITS and I love your Blog. Your writing is clear adn creative! I think this Disney Promotion is Fantastci and I will be sure to get the word out as well!!
    Stop by
    You seem to be pretty "Savvy & Sassy"

    Twitter @savvysassymoms
    Nice to meet you!

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