Thursday, January 7, 2010

2 days and counting...

...Until our First ♥Wedding Anniversary♥!!

On Sunday, my husband and I will be celebrating our first of many, many wedding anniversaries :)

On Sunday, it will have been 365 days since I was doing this...

...while he was doing that...

...and then we did this...

...and had one of these...

...before driving off in one of these... go dance like this...

...and eat some cake...

...with friends like this...

...before he pulled one of these...

...and I did a thing like this...

...and then we partied on down all night!

I love you, baby! 



  1. Congrats! You make an absolutely fabulous bride! So pretty! Here's to many more years together! :)

  2. Oh wow those pictures are wonderful and looks like ya'll had so much fun.. You are gorgeous and he ain't too bad lol he cleans up good roflmbo..

  3. Fabulous pictures! Congrats and may you enjoy the day!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Your wedding photos are gorgeous!!

  5. "I love you baby"

    You do?? You really love ME?? Wow, I didn't think we were quite at that "I love you" phase of our this is awkward, what with you being married and all and me being umm, A BABY, and given that your husband looks like the kind of guy who wouldn't take kindly to a baby stealing the heart of his woman, I think we should just be friends. K? ;)

    Happy Anniversary, your hubby is one LUCKY fella!


  6. Happy First special.

    I love your pictures. You were a beautiful bride and you are a sweet and beautiful wife.

  7. Shoot were looking smoking hot on your wedding day!! I love your little story with the pictures it was super cute.

  8. ok, you could've been a model for Bride or something. Looks like a lot of fun between two very in-love people. And don't forget to tell us what you two love birds decided to do, well, you know.... you can leave "other stuff" out.

  9. cute, cute :) happy anniversary! Did you pick where you're going?

  10. Awesome pictures. You are gorgeous! You guys make such a cute couple. :) Happy anniversary!

  11. Aw, love how you wrote this out!