Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raintime Blues

I'm having kind of a *blah* day.

This is what it looks like outside:

Though I usually like rain, I feel less like this:

and more like this:

No, wait, that's too dramatic.  Like this:

Actually, maybe a mixture between the two.  Can you picture that?  K good.

So I'm bundled up inside, watching the rain fall outside, and letting the *blah* run its course.

In the meantime, though,  


  1. Aww it is raining here too and one of those blah days abut I did go get my hair cut which was a break for me for a bit

  2. Bummer! :(
    I'm sorry you're feeling blah. The blahs are sometimes worse than just feeling like plain old crap because it's harder to pinpoint WHY you feel like blah.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I know what you mean about the rain! It was pouring here for most of the day, sometimes the rain just makes things so depressing. Hope you have sunshine tomorrow to brighten up your day, and remember it's almost the weekend!

  4. It so ugly here as well.The rain stopped but it is so gray and foggy. JUst plain depressing.

  5. Aw rain.. I know it's non-stop. I hope you feel upbeat and cheerful tomorrow!!

    Stopping by from SITS:)

  6. it's not raining here, but it is snowing and it is so cold that you just want to stay inside. so I'm planing to do some baking myself soon.

  7. Aw I know how you feel petal. I kinda wish the snow was back at least it was prettier to look at!

    Mind you here in the UK I should be used to the miserable rain by now. We truely are never satisfied with our weather. Its so sad.

    Hope you can find something nice to do to cheer you up? Hot choc with marshmallows and a chic flick always does the trick for me! (oh and eating acupcake of course!!)

    Take care xx

  8. I feel like that today too...except it isn't raining here. :-P

  9. Girl you crack me up that's how I was feeling too. Luckily right now at least it's looking like there's a break.

  10. I love Singing in the Rain. It is one of my sisters favorite movies. I love the pictures you use to describe your mood. I hope tomorrow is less blah.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  11. I LOVE the rain too! but I feel blah today myself. This bag of chips isn't even helping :(

  12. I am glad for the rain, BUT.........
    Am glad for the break. We've been five days into this and more is on the way!! I heard there was flooding in your area. Stay dry!